Michael, I am fully aware that my comparison is not a comparison of equals and should not be considered scientific. I posted the details under which both shots were made to make that clear to anyone. Next in line will be a series of the same shot taken 36 times to fill a roll and then cut and developed with different soups. As soon as this has taken place folks will show up and inform me that I'm not done yet because I need to investigate 20 different films, various push and pull levels and go through a host of other possible influences.

Let me be very clear about this: I won't.

I posted this to show everyone that MO's recipe, while working nicely is not a miracle recipe. I got pictures which I am happy with and I learned a lot from mixing a dev myself. I will continue trying home brew recipes because it's fun to do and because I hope I will learn more about this subject during the next few years. My thread is here to encourage more people to try home brewing without fear that they will have to suffer through 2 years of unusable images. It will be a long time before I get anything close to Xtol if I ever get there, so what, I enjoy doing it.

PS: This is the whole print from TriX@1600 souped&pushed in Mark's recipe.