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I had to have a part made last year by Richard Ritter. He had to make it from scratch...
Thanks Mike and all those who have responded so far. I contacted Richard last year and while he was willing to make the parts I got the distinct feeling I could have bought an entire view camera and stripped the parts from it for what it would cost to have them custom fabricated. So, I'm referring to stock parts, not custom made-to-order ones. There has to be a source. I can't believe each one of these manufacturers do them in-house.

I also wrote to Mabef last year. They make French easels and some of the hardware used on those could be adaptable to a view camera, but again, no response from the company.

I have access to a machine shop and have turned and knurled a few knobs myself but I'm not much of a machinist (or woodworker for that matter). The set-up for each part is pretty time consuming so I can understand why Richard and others would charge what they do for special parts. Again, another reason why I'm seeking a source of regular production items.