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I hear you, loud and clear. I'm gonna go light one way or another.

Apparently about 100,000 folks a year, from the US, go to Cuba from Canada or Mexico. Just ask to not have your passport stamped by Cuban customs and take cash, don't even try to use a credit card.

Our travel agent said that many believe Cuba will be open to the US in the very near future and if this should ever happen the prices in Cuba will skyrocket. She suggested to go now!
My world travel friend and former swim coach told me that I can travel through Canada or Mexico. He warned me that I should have my US passport stamped in Cuba or else I can be fine for traveling there. It's so stupid. But shoot a lot of pictures because as soon as it's the country is open to the Yanks, the country will be ruined by all the Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner to accommodate them. Photograph Cuba while it's still beautiful.