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Mark Overton recommended a B&W developer recipe which I tried on Kodak Tri-X 400.
I should mention that the purpose of this developer is to give lower contrast and more latitude. Its shadow-grain is worse than XTOL. Highlight grain might be comparable if you're not pushing. A second purpose is to be a convenient concentrate. I'm not pursuing it now due to limited time, but I'm hoping that Rudeofus or somebody else can refine it and verify its robustness. Much of my shooting is contrasty (sun/shade, harsh indoor lights), so I intend to get back to this if others don't do so first.

Regarding measuring grain: I think the best way is with an enlarger and scanning the print, as Rudeofus did. With my $1000 Nikon negative-scanner, grain looks different scan-to-scan due to focus-variation, unless I manually focus it at one spot I'm interested in. The scanner then provides a decent idea of relative graininess of two neg's, but it's not good enough to see individual grains. I hope to be able to get photographs from the microscopes at work, but I'll need to figure out a way to back-light the neg's.

Rudeofus: Congratulations on successfully mixing your own developer. Now you're hooked!

Mark Overton