Lots of good discussion here; which I appreciate.

The Online Photographer article makes a good point, in the sense that (my words) pushing film is a compromise unless you are specifically seeking the "look" of pushed film. But my little Canonet GIII gives me a f1.7 lens in a compact package. I don't have that size/speed combination in any other package - analog or digital. I might have been better off with Delta 3200 or Neopan 1600 but sometimes you just have to use what you have.

And I agree that testing to see what works best given my technique and my preferences. But I value the collective knowledge on this forum and prefer to use that as a headstart on testing - too many options in terms of developers. I've found that while you get very varying opinions, as the discussion continues you tend to see some convergence. But if I'm limited to HC-110, it absolutely makes sense to run a test first.