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Interesting also that the dotted line representing 18% reflectance is at the high side of middle gray. This bolsters a post from a few weeks back that 12% reflectance value is perhaps a better value for calibrating Zone V than 18%. Fascinating. I've known about that chart for 20 or more years and never noticed.
This kind of thing happens to me all the time. Once something is pointed out, I keep seeing it everywhere. Every once in a while, I'll go back through a book and suddenly see all these references that I hadn't noticed the last dozen or so times I had read it. This happened recently when doing the speed/exposure meter relationship thread. I was reviewing a few papers and a couple chapters and I kept seeing all these references to the relationship. And not long ago, I kept running into the phrase "good correlation" between the fractional gradient method and the fixed density film speed. It was used so often in so many sources that it almost seemed like some kind of well known code for something. I was surprised to see it in so often with what I had read and re-read so many times without it ever registering before.