Sal, isn't that story interesting? It'd be nice to hear his words directly but back to Thomas Bertilsson for a moment, who said "400 speed Kodak film" which would include TX and 400TX. So, what's the story about these?

I thought 400TMY-2 would be a great film to leave in a point-and-shoot, shoot whatever you feel like and process when the roll is done, because you get both grain and speed. But I guess this is no longer so, until itís proven that the film doesnít deteriorate for years.

Now I compared the 400TMY in punctured foil bag (air+), and another roll of 400TMY in intact foil bag (air-). Fog level is higher in (air+) by about 0.1 density unit. Although it is not easy to compare because I didnít expose step wedge, but by looking at the images, (air+) version had maybe 1 to 1.5 paper grade worth of contrast lower, and also with lower speed. Grain of (air+) is like Recording Film, whereas (air-) is still much worse than Delta 3200. Not only that, the image lacks resolution (worse in air-, but both bad), and a flat grey surface came out mottled. I mean all b&w film does that to some extent, especially fast one, but this is the worst Iíve seen.

If you miss the feel of old Recording Film, I have some for sale, but you could bake a brick of TMY and achieve very similar results. More genuine grain effects than any digital plugin. I actually shouldíve exposed grey card out of focus, so that I could scan the neg to get real grain pattern. (Maybe Iíll do that with Recording Film.)