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OK, so water under the bridge, another one down....

what other T-Grain films are out there to replace TMAX 400?

Kodak's are not gone, may not be gone, and even if they do go won't go for some time.

Doesn't anyone understand what Chapter 11 is and means?

But to answer the question, nothing is quite like it but the closest is Ilford Delta 400, assuming you don't need it in sheets. If you need sheet film and insist on T-grain/modern film, you're SOL. I do shoot 4x5 but like conventional films just fine so I'd go to HP5+

In 35mm and 120 Delta 400 is a good film. It is grainier than TMY-2 though, though less grainy than Tri-X or HP5+, and has more reciprocity failure than TMY-2. Personally I rather like it.