I bought couple of Nikon corpse for cheap and started to swap parts to make one functioning camera. Things were good and two corpses is now one Nikon zombie. It is almost 100% functioning but lack some parts, so let's just say it's 80% functioning. So I continuously lurk on feebay to grab some parts but all are listed around $5-$15/part which makes buying replacement parts cost ineffective. I tried to look for a broken camera but all of them are 90-95% functioning with small problems like dead light meter, leatherette peeled, etc. Salvaging parts from 90-95% functioning camera to repair an 80% camera is not a good choice either.
This was a weekend project and I was excited, now I'm a bit frustrated. I wish there is some place like junkbay where people sell real camera junk. That way I can buy one for cheap and pull out couple of parts, save the rest for another project. Am I dreaming?