I'm Glad you guys like them!

Yeah most labs use Fuji CN-16 chemicals..Kodak rebranded some Noritsu's (mostly "KPT-750"'s) that used Kodak chemistry, but when Kodak couldn't keep up with production they got converted to Fuji chemistry with an FA2 kit. It's kind of jenky how it works and when not maintained can go south quick.

I'm sure RPL uses Fuji chemistry, but I had these done on their Noritsu scanner. I like what they can do with the Noritsu, I get better skin tones.

Also shot off a roll of 400H when the sun started going down, had a couple good exposures in it!

645 AFD, 80mm, 2.8, 400h @ 200:

It's funny how these were shot in the dead of winter, in the Pacific Northwest. The Ektar makes it look like summer!