Here in the UK there's a dealer who sells camera corpses at camera fairs for about 1-2. I needed a couple of small parts mainly an uncommon reverse threaded part for a Pentax Spotmatic and bought an SIa which happens to use the same part for 1 it was missing a base plate and rewind crank

My dilemna is I fixed the shutter on the SIa out of curiousity and that's now functioning well so at the next camera fair I bought another SIa for it's rewind crank, base plate and the parts for the Spotmatic. This camera is also repairable so where do you stop

The dealer in question has a store full of good fully functioning cameras at reasonable prices, the cost of repair and a surplus of these functional cameras makes it uneconomic to repair every camera and so they go for spare parts very cheaply. Some have already been cannibalised slightly.