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I don't know how you can stop but I do know how to continue!

I have an S1a which fires at the same speed regardless of shutter setting. Do you want to have a go at that one or give me an idea of how to fix it?

p.s. I received your extra pieces of ivory for cutting and etching a few weeks ago. I will try to get them done this week.

And I notice that you spell dilemna with an n. Is that the way you always spell it? I do too but everyone else thinks I'm crazy!

Dilemna is a misspelling But it's one many of use make regularly as it sounds right

I'll look at my SIa's tonight & see what I can suggest, the second one is firing at just one speed, and I didn't do much to the first one at all to get it firing again. I have a Spotmatic service manual somewhere in PDF form, it's close enough shutter wise to an SIa, but the SIa's a little easier to work on.

If there's spare ivory (piano keys) could you do a couple of extra TP shutter badges as well please