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The bottom line is that Gibson, Harley Davidson and Fender are marketing nostalgia and they are doing better than when they were marketing a 'current product.' Someone needs to buy Kodak film division and do the same.

Yes, to some extent. But more importantly they are marketing a product that they have invented and hasn't changed and/or been replaced by new technology. A new Les Paul is and does the same thing as a 1959 model (for about $250K less obviously) but Kodak is dealing with digital replacing film and those are much stronger headwinds. Gibson recaptured a market that was simply waiting for them, with ZERO innovation to speak of. Not exactly the challenges that Kodak is facing. The comparison would make sense if digital wasn't around and Kodak just dropped the ball over the last 20 years and had Fuji eat their lunch with better product/marketing. Again, this is not to say that new management and a smaller, more focused company couldn't find a sweet spot (a la Ilford), but that's far from resurrecting a company to past glories by recapturing a market that was waiting for them, unchanged.