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The only thing that could help Kodak now is a time machine. There's no way they can make up a $2.6 billion pension liability by becoming a niche player. My own guess is that Kodak will be joining the ranks of "undead" companies such as Bell+Howell and Polaroid -- becoming little more than a brand-name for hire.
You forgot Voigtlander - I like the RF lenses and viewfinders produced by Cosina and use a 21mm regularly for recording the 10x8" NP work, but always refer to it as Cosina - I feel it is sad they used the name Voigtlander - (I have 4 real Voigtlander lenses and love the images they produce)

I find the initial daydreaming a waste of time, unless IC can raise the funds to get the Kodak BW plants running again, in which case I will drink to his health and happiness