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Today was my first time using a spot meter and need advice on if i did it correctly. I metered the sky, the front door and the water and then averaged them to get this exposure. I thought i would meter the brightest of the sky down to the dark water. Did i do this right and does anyone have advice on a better way of metering the scene? Below is a scan of the negative. The film is Efke 25 and i used a Pol filter and shot the scene @ 6 iso to make up for the pol filter.
I think being technically correct is not something you should aim for. Underexposure or Overexposure to a certain degree is all up to the photographer making the picture. If it looks good to you, then it is good. If you want to read some materials, the only book I would suggest is


It is very important to be good at looking and getting the metering you want on a slide film. On print, you are pretty safe within a 1/2 stop margin. When taking things onto street, where I have to take shots fast and don't have time to setup and check exposure every time, I do a very simple trick; I just check that the highlights are not over 2-stops from metered (i.e if you want to capture some details in those highlights).