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I see more and more people setting up web sites (I plan to do one myself some day) to show and sell their photographs. A lot of them describe their work as Fine Art Photography whether it is darkroom produced or from an inkjet printer. Some of these people may be experienced and some not so.

So can someone define "Fine Art Photography" for me please? Does it matter how it is produced? Are we all Fine Art Photographers?


p.s. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section.
REad James joyces' "portrait of an artist as a young man". Briefly there is didatic art, that which attemps to teach or comment, such as photojournalism: there is pronograrphic art, that which attempts to focus attention on a beautiful object i.e. landscape filled with color etc. and what the hero of the book described as pure art, that which is inspired from an inner knowing and connects with the viewer such that they are similiarly inspired but cannot define it. It is like a Zen spiritual experience in which the meditator experiences reality but cannot define it.
I had an experience once while viewing an original Dali painting. I could not tell you what it meant but viewing it started a chilling vibration in my feet that ran through my entire body.