Hey guys,

I am thinking about it. But I have never done anything serious with a rangefinder before. I have used my friend's Leica when I was in college in 2005, but couldn't afford one that time and started using Nikon. Been using a Nikon ever since. My last camera purchase was in 2007, an F6. My favorite till now is an F6.

In terms of lens quality, build and handling, F6 is everything I hoped for. I am thinking about Leica (pref M6/M7) simply because of the weight and quality package for my street shooting. However, I have gotten used to the weight of F6, I am hesitating the need to spend the money, especially when I am not sure if it will pay for me.

I went through this problem 2 years ago, But decided to stick with my Nikon. Have anyone with some experience in using Nikon SLR share their experience when switching to Leica. Especially some details on everyday shooting benefits and drawbacks how much more you were able to do what you couldn't with Nikon?