I shot two quick rolls of film in two cameras today, and would appreciate more sets of eyes on my calculations ...

I shot my Autocord today, using ISO 400 film. My incident meter yielded roughly f/3.5 at 1/250th of a second. No worries here.

I also shot a roll of Efke 100 in 127 through my Kodak Vest Pocket B. I believe that the aperture was f/11 ("Setting 1"), and the shutter speed was ~ 1/25th second ("I setting").

By my calculations, I underexposed the Efke 100 by two stops and will need to develop it accordingly.

That said, I've had two glasses of wine. My calculations may be unreliable.

1. Would someone confirm or reject my assumption that I need to push my development by two stops?
2. Any preferred developer suggestions for this film and situation? The massive dev chart suggests Rodinal at 1+25 for 13.5 minutes.


-- Dan