Just about an hour ago I bought a 250/5.6 HFT sonnar lens for Rollei MF via BIN on eBay. Perhaps I've just woken up or for whatever reason, I forgot to double check whether it's for the SL66 of the 6000 series. Turned out it's for the 6000/SLX series not for the SL66, which I thought it was. I also immediately paid the whole amount to the seller. The seller is a business seller and already gave me a good feedback.

I immediately sent him a few messages and call the number ebay gave me but only to answering machine, since it's the weekend He's a very good seller and has 30-day money back guarantee, but not sure it applies in my case as it's my mistake. I have bought a couple of items from him before. Hopefully he's very accommodating and understanding and refund me the money.

Sorry just want to get this off my chest. Anyone has any similar experience?