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Here is another of the series of my boys. Once I determine the general composition, I tend to let them pick their spot and pose in the landscape. Any portrait is a bit of a collaberation between the photographer and the subject(s). I generally only do one set up per trip into the landscape. This is an on-going project (over-due for another image, though!) and I need their willing and (at least) semi-enthusiastic cooperation -- or else the project falls apart.
Another beauty, Vaughn. You've done something which is the essence of great portraiture, and that is to create an image that goes beyond the parent/child connection and is somehow representative of humanity as a whole.

What I mean is that it is quite easy to make a portrait of a child that the parents will love. It's their child, after all, so even an "advanced amateur snapshot" will have some significance to them. Going beyond that to create a portrait of a child (or adult) that is appealing, intriguing and significant to people who aren't members of their immediate family is quite difficult.

You've created something that concretizes what children really are: marvelous, complex, imaginative, mystical, playful and sometimes sullen or even dangerous. Maybe I'm seeing too far into this because I have three boys (11, 8 and 4) that I know can be so many beautiful and crazy things at the same time.

Happy Sunday!