Looks like we're all aboard - all names are confirmed tho I don't have addresses for everyone yet. Guess we can give it another coupla days for anyone else who might be interested in getting in on the fun.

[FONT=Fixedsys]1. gbroadbridge ----- Sydney, Australia

2. janvanhove ------- Brussels, Belgium

3. rst ------------- Germany

4. Ole ------------- Bergen, Norway

5. Bob F. ----------- West London, UK
6. TPPhotog -------- South Devon, UK

7. MattCarey -------- San Jose, California
8. Rich Long -------- Colorado Springs, Colorado
9. ggriffi ---------- Indiana
10. Suzanne Revy ---- Massachusetts
11. bobfowler -------- New Jersey
12. sensanjay ------- New Jersey
13. david b ---------- New Mexico
14. jnanian ---------- Rhode Island
15. nsmith01tx ------ Austin, Texas
16. MenacingTourist -- Utah[/FONT]

I welcome any ideas for routes, etc. I guess the last person on the route will be in charge of development & scanning. I guess there's nothing that dictates what order we do this, altho the European folks should probably be in sequence.