Couple of other options to consider. An Olympus OM-series sits between the Leica and the F6....more toward the Leica in my mind. Very small, very manual, good prime lenses. Another thought is an M2 (or M3) and a vintage or Voightlander lens. The best Leica lens bargain to me is a DR Summicron missing the goggles. I picked one up for $300 and it needed another $50 in cleaning. The older Canon rangefinders and lenses are a pretty good deal also. I have an OM1 and an M2 with the cheapest 3 lens set imaginable that wasn't made in Russia. They both take great pics, but I prefer the Leica simply because it is really fun to use. It really doesn't matter which you try as long as you get a decent deal on it since reselling isn't all that hard anymore.