I did this today with a print on Fomabrom IV112: develop in Dektol, water stop, plain hypofix, full wash, dilluted bleach from Foma Sepiatonder, bleached only highligts. Full wash and imersed in the toning bath, also a bit dilluted. Wash. At that stage it was a beautiful print. Creamy and shiny metallic in skies and ocean, deep black and perfect highlight. So next: 5 minutes i selenium toner. I couldnt see the shadows grew any deeper, but the highlights and mid tones became a mixture of sepia and purple. What was that? For me its not a problem for the future, i just cut after sepia toning, since shadow didnt grew any deeper in the black in selenium toner. But im curious what i did wrong and how much seleniumtoner really is going to show deeper blacks. I have seen other have great results of split-toning with sepia and selenium, and i would like to use this process.