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Has someone installed an accessory diopter correction lens in your WLF magnifier?
Not AFAIK. I will check tonight though, BUT even if they had how is that going to make a difference to the optimal point of focus ?? I have glasses that I sometimes wear to sharpen things in the distance. The problem I see with my C330f's mismatched focus is identical (to within limits of repeatability) whether I put my glasses on or not. Therefore if the WLF lens' diopter isn't the original default, and I swapped the default back in, this is identical to me focussing with my glasses on or off.

Sure things will come to a sharper focus with my glasses on (or with the default WLF diopter viewed by somebody who doesn't use glasses), but this shouldn't change the actual optimal position of the main lens assembly on the track/rail.

Matt, your suggestion is based on the same false premise as smudger which I attempted to counter in my above reply to him.