So I walked into the local camera store the other day and, to my amazement, they had eight of the Flexicolor SM 2L developer packages sitting on the shelf. The rarity of seeing color chemistry these days is one thing, but more than that, they were clearly pricing it to sell, so I promptly bought all of them.

Now I have 16 liters worth of developer and I'm wondering how I should go about it. I've been using the powder press kits up until now, and you can stretch those quite a bit through reuse and extending times. Meanwhile, with what little documentation there is to go with the SM stuff, they recommend using it one shot and not replenishing. What a tremendous waste. So they expect us to pay the MSRP of ~$12 just to develop 5 rolls of film? And that's not including the price of bleach, fix, and stabilizer. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing in documentation that clearly demonstrates the insanity of it's writers.

So what should I do? Extend times with each session like I do with the powder kits, or is it possible to replenish? I generally use 1 liter at a time in a rotary process, so I could mix the 2 liters at a time and replenish the first liter with the second. Unfortunately, I can't go by standard replenishment rates because the SM mixes up as an already diluted tank solution as opposed to a richer replenisher solution.

Any advice you can give will be rewarded with much gratitude.