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The main point here is that you are thinking of moving to a rangefinder camera as opposed to an SLR. The most important difference is that a rangefinder camera with a bright-line finder will allow you to see above, below and outside the side to side image through the viewfinder, thus acting as an aid to composition. This alone, for me is worth any advantage gained by an SLR. The M2 has a wonderful bright-line finder, but if you want the most beautiful design coupled with tactile handling perhaps a Leica IIIg will suffice.
Points well made. Like the OP, I began shooting with a 35mm SLR (a Nikon F2AS), later progressing "through the ranks," acquiring a couple of Hasselblads (a pair of 500c/ms and a 553el/x) as well as, about 12 years ago, a 4x5 Linhof. Along the way (about five years ago), I picked up, on a whim, an M6 with a 50mm Summicron, thinking that the camera would serve as little more than an adjunct to my 35mm shooting. It took a good year or so to feel comfortable shooting with the camera - curiously for the very advantages you named above. Once I became familiar with the camera, however, and came to realize its many virtues (unobtrusive, quiet, quick focusing, low light accuracy, etc), I began using the camera for a greater portion of my 35mm shooting. In fact, I have come to love shooting with the camera so much that I have added an additional body and five additional lenses - in effect building a separate system that I use almost exclusively for my street shooting and documentary work.

What is important to point out, I think, OP, as others have suggested, is that the rangefinder is a different beast intended for different purposes. Your dilemma should not be framed as an either/or proposition. Keep the F6 and build a second system. For macro work, for shooting with super-wide angles and for shooting with telephotos, the SLR excels. But for candid shooting, street and documentary work - for pretty much anything in the moderate wide angle to short telephoto range (I refuse to use the auxiliary viewfinders) - Leica rangefinders are primus inter pares. Yes, they are expensive; no argument there. But amortized over a lifetime their cost is quite reasonable.