Currently I am using a Pentax 6x7 medium format camera for my designated photo-shoots, which unfortunately does not have a built in meter. My usual routine is to use my digital camera first to see what shutter speed I will require and then set the speed dial on my Pentax accordingly. So far this has worked just fine, but the problem arises when I am trying to do "quick" shoots and do not have the luxury to spend hours playing on my digital camera before switching to analog for the actual photos.

My question: Do you know of any "cheap" medium format camera that has a built in meter that you would recommend? I looked at Bronica ETRS and seems they do not have a meter either. Does Mamiya RB series cameras come with built in meters? I know for sure that Mamiya RZ cameras do, but they are too hard on my wallet!

I know that buying a meter would solve the problem easily, but the lazy person that I am, I want to know if there is anything that may already have a built in meter. Any help would be highly appreciated!