Agreeing with Richard's point, I've found the easiest way to add filtration to a 1c without a drawer (I've actually got the 1b, none of which had a filter drawer) is to remove the red filter from the under-lens swing filter and simply place the required filter on that and swing it into place. This is quite simple, and the under-lens filter sets usually include a red "safe" filter which can be used in lieu of the original, should you require. These earlier autofocus Leitz enlargers are excellent........very sturdy and, with a Leitz lens, a very accurate and stable autofocus mechanism. I don't have any anti-Newton glass, but only find Newton rings to be an occasional problem in certain humidity conditions. Dust can be a problem, though, so good darkroom practice is a must! I've found that the later Focotar 2 50mm lens works really well with this enlarger.......worth finding one if you can.