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As I understand it, because Digibase CR200 was made for aerial use, the film itself was made overly warm so that no color correction filter would be needed when used for this purpose. However, I'm guessing some sort of cooling filter will probably be needed for it to look acceptable for normal photography.

I've tried Astia. And at least to my eyes, it doesn't look much like Kodachrome. To me, it looks ALOT more like desaturated Velvia than it does Kodachrome. Of course, this is probably because it is made by, well, Fuji. I personally think E100G looks ALOT more like Kodachrome than Astia does. Besides, last I heard, Astia has gone the way of Kodachrome.

Astia is still available in all sizes from Japan and at reasonable prices. I recently got some 220 that way.

That's interesting about the CR200. Not sure why they'd bother making an aerial film at this stage though, I'll contact them and see if they'll sell me a bulk roll!