THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your input - I have learned a lot and at least have some direction now. I think I will look into these Meoptas and Omegas and see what fits my budget - I already have the contrast filters so that is one thing I won't have to buy.
I do think that one day I will be able to try large format - but that is not in the near future - so the enlarger will do 35mm - 6X7 at most duty. And I print exclusively B&W, and do not plan on moving into colour any time soon. For now, something not much bigger than my Axomat would be perfect since I do not have a permanent dark room and each printing session requires clean up and moving of equipment...Thanks again for all you responses, as usual I am overwhelmed with the number and thorough nature of your response - the community here has been very, very helpful!

PS. Just one more thing - I would need two lenses for best results, right? Can anyone recommend which to look for =, and if you feel so inclined give me just a quick and dirty explanation of why I want these lenses? Thanks!