It has been a year and a half since I have developed anything. I have shot 2 sheets of film in that time, and they sit quietly in the film holder waiting. Time has not been on my side. I am hoping that changes soon. If I don't figure out a way to relax I will most likely put myself in the hospital. With that in mind I was going to start playing with carbon printing.

I have read and read and read and read. Now I have some specific questions The first is film and developer based and the others will be in the alt. process forum.

I had been shooting and developing film specifically for POP printing and since that went away I have not shot or developed anything really because there was not a final process for me to aim my work flow towards. I don't have access to a darkroom so traditional printing is out. Carbon is the best fit for my needs.

I was using Efke PL100 and Pyrocat-HD 2:2:100 at 71 degrees with good success for POP toned in Selenium. I like the expandability of the combination. Would this combination work well for Carbon as well.

What do other folks use?

Please don't point me to Sandy's Yahoo group or the Bostick and Sullivan group. I am a member of both. Sandy's group is a horrid environment where sifting out the computer mumbo jumbo for information that pertains to me is very difficult there is good information there just too time consuming to find. There is not nearly enough traffic at the B&S site and I would like a variety of opinions.