Hi All,

I have received a couple of really nice emails this morning -- one from a personal friend, and one from an e-penpal. They both very kindly pointed out the fallacy of my personal photo-bubble. Most people, even those here, no longer have darkrooms. Pt/Pd and carbon printing don't require one -- just water and a yellow bug light. Also (according to my friends and in all honesty, my observation, too) most people are going from digital image capture to inkject negative. Very few people are even developing film much less making silver gelatin emulsions, no matter how much they may want to. (The "how much they want to" part may be only kindness on the part of my friends. I have wonderful friends .) Anyway, my apologies for what looks like high-handedness (even to me, this morning.)

I hope folks buy PE's book. Maybe read The Light Farm (for me, the fun and satisfaction just get better and better -- which is my only excuse for getting annoying here.) Take a George Eastman House (GEH) class. Or two. A workshop there is about way more than the class material. Who knows how long the place can afford to keep going. If you have the means and opportunity, you should take advantage sooner, rather than chance later.