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A short bit of fluff about Bailey, Jean Shrimpton and their first NYC shoot:

Thank you for posting this. I went from there to spening much of the weekend looking at Bailey on the web. It is kind of funny that as much as I'd heard his name, and had of course seen Blow Up and knew that connection, I really didn't know all that much about him or his work.

The original New York photo session featured in the new movie really does show his amazing eye and intensity. The actor portraying him (like the one in Blow-Up ) I think show by contrast the intensity the real Bailey had. And the reshoots do the same thing for me. They did an amazing job of restaging the shots, but the original "Twist" photo is incredible and the contrast with the reshoot really shows that off.

It was also great to see that he is still at it today. I like his no BS way with interviews. That old NYC shoot sure seems to support his idea for going in and shooting while things are still fresh. He sees the ordinary but fascinating stuff of NYC that just sort of disappears with familiarity.