I'd like to coordinate a bulk purchase of plus-x in the form of 70mm x 500 ft rolls. This is aerecon material on an estar base. The minimum order is 18 rolls at $720 each, so obviously I'd like to divide this order between several colleagues here on APUG.

It'll get too complicated if we divide the rolls at this stage, so let's work in units of 500 ft. Please let me know how many rolls you will commit to (commiting to purchase a single roll is okay). Once we get close to the target, I'll arrange order and compute shipping etc.

For reference, this is quite similar to standard plus-x but it differs in two important regards: (1) this has more red sensitivity, and (2) the film is on the thin estar base. I have quite a lot of panatomic x on the same base and it's great... fits easily into most holders. I'll be using it mostly in the rb and rz 70mm rollfilm holders and in some sheet holders.

The film can *probably* be cut down to other sizes e.g. 120/220, but I don't have time to arrange that- I am just looking for commitments for straight rolls right now.

So... please let me know how many rolls you'd commit to and if we pass the threshold, I'll get it done.

Here's a link to the product:


Please feel free to pass this invitation on to colleagues at other sites as well.