BW Girl - you are absolutely right - its just that I was always instructed by some "old school" types to never leave the shutter cocked unless I am ready to shoot to prevent wear on all the shutter mechanicals. As a result I have never had wonky shutters BUT I have looked like an idiot pushing the shutter release on a not-ready camera more than once, hehehehehe.

Shaggy - Believe me, I took the "this must be my fault or a malfunction" approach first - I really did, and a lot of the advice I got was very much along the lines of what you wrote - and some of it not as kind to my percieved mental health . However, the changing of lenses is something clearly written in the camera manual (as well as the SDM instructions).

While my "research and diagnostics" cannot be termed "scientific" by any means, my approach has been as systematic and methodical (if you will) as I could get within my abilities... and the problem is now totally absent. I know that the camera may not have been used for a while (prior to my purchase of it) and perhaps needed to shed some "rust" which I definitely made it do (it gets used A LOT!)...BUT, having said that, the disappearance of these symptoms seems to coincide with the "steps" I took waaaaay to closely to be coincidental... but perhaps they are. Please keep in mind, I am just sharing my experiences and do not claim to be an expert in this area by any stretch. If nothig else, perhaps it will spark some interesting discussion