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No comments on the bronica SQ series? (currently looking at SQ-A) I'd also like to shoot 6x6, and upon research I see that 6x6 backs are not made for the RB67. The square format really somehow appeals to me, its very unique and strange to see a square negative. Is the 6x6 format all hype? Is the 6x7 format more useful/versatile?
The SQ-A is my "most serious" camera for film based "art photography." I like it. I had a problem early on with bad indexing in a back, although that showed up immediately and I returned it. I also had some mysterious jam of shutter linkage in a body, corrected by replacing the body for -- like -- $90. The back/magazine is known for plastic foam light seals getting goopy with age, but that is fixable as a DYI project. I've had mine for nearly six years now and quite like it.

For less bulk and quieter operation I occasionally turn to a Perkeo II with 80mm f3.5 Color Skopar, a 6x6 folder. The lens is not as sharp as the Bronica, especially at the corners, but is still quite respectable. (And then there's the Ercona II 6x9 folder and the Yashica Mat 124G and ...... Hel-l-lp! )