I often shot and still do shoot a lot of color negative material simply because my customers invariably will call back and ask for a B&W print for news paper reproduction or for some other reason. If I am shooting for myself I normally use b&w film. I still prefer Kodak emulsions over all the others, but may in the near future be forced to make a change.

I personally have miles of exposed 35mm Ektacolor and Kodacolor negatives that have never been proofed, so I am in the process of going back through these old exposures and selecting frames to print when my Dark Room materializes. I find ocassionaly in my files b&w prints, some on panalure that I have shared with the gallery.

I did not find that Panalure had a short range of tones, if it was in the negative I generally could get it into the print. Panalure definitely could not be considered my favorite paper. But as long as it exists I will have it on the shelf.