Has any APUGer did ziatype printing before? I was inspired by Kerik Kouklis's prints I saw in Yosemite last December. I don't know if they were ziatypes, but I'm hoping I could make some prints that have the same look. I don't think I can achieve the level of craftsmanship as Mr. Kouklis, but are ziatypes easy to do? I've made cyanotypes before. I don't want to use a brush with ziatypes like I do with cyanotypes because the emulsion is so expensive and don't want to waste any of the Ziatype emulsion. I plan to make a puddle pusher from the instructions published on The Light Farm. Is that the way to go? I want to start by getting a kit from Bostick and Sullivan so I don't have to do any mixing and go broke buying the palladium chloride. Any input is valued. I got bitten by the palladium print bug.