I had the thought of using a Mamiya RB67 Pro S for some portrait work a few years ago and bought one, then saw another one on ebay that looked like a good deal, and thought it would come in great for a back up. Then I saw what the digital boys were advertising for and realized I couldn't touch their prices. So this week I sold the back up camera that I paid $325 for. It went for $124. I was thinking of selling the other one but the prices on ebay are really dropping. People are starting bids at $200 and there are no bids. I suppose Kodak's announcement didn't help any, but I'm having second thoughts about letting my like new Pro S go for $150 or less. Even flash meters are not getting bids on them. I could use the money, but I'm torn between having a great camera or what a few meals at a good eating joint will cost. Do you think they will be going much lower?