Thank you so much all of you for your input. Some of this is a bit overwhelming as I am photo-technology-challenged!!

When I am doing portraits, as I mentioned in my initial post, I usually use my DSLR which gives me a somewhat accurate reading and also helps me see what to expect before switching to film. But I understand if I'm shooting with a busy backdrop then having a handheld meter may be unbeatable.

The only reason I was hoping for something built in is for the quick photos. For example, I'm in the city, or attending an event, and need to quickly capture something. Usually in this situation I revert to my basic beginner's camera (Pentax MV1 35mm) as it is light, and the built in meter lets me make a quick judgement.

Problems with Pentax MV1: First of all, it's basic. Photos either come out right or they don't. Also, lately I am finding 35mm sort of boring.

For these situation I thought may be having a built in meter would be helpful than a handheld one. So I think metered prism is the answer? May be I should try out several options and see which works better before making a purchase though. I mean by now I have an okay idea as to what shutter speed and ISO combo work in outdoor situation, but guesswork is just that... guesswork... no guarantee it will be perfect in any situation.

As I am shooting more and more I am finding more and more obstacles... shouldn't it have been the opposite? Sigh...

Also, I'm using an android phone... may be I should look into light meter apps for android? That might help and save me some bucks too!! I mean, I'm not a pro shooter, so sometimes I feel guilty spending so much when there may be other alternatives available.