Hey guys, thanks very much for the suggestions. I've been doing a lot of research on India over the past couple of months but unfortunately I've had to postpone the trip because of work issues. So it may be something I do later in the year, or next year same time -- although Holi won't be a part of it because of the timing.

As for the itinerary, I wasn't suggesting I do ALL of those places in one shot, but they were all of interest for me for a first-time trip. The hard part is always narrowing down the places you want to visit while still getting a nice overview. Who knows, in the meantime I might find someone who wants to join me, which would be nice. I'm fairly well-travelled -- over 25 countries in the past 10 years, mostly on my own -- but I think India is a place where I wouldn't mind some company to share the ups and downs of travelling there.