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While it's possible you won't get it - i cant see this as "getting burnt". It's a very generous offer and it's reasonable to be a little cautious/skeptical. If you do get it, all the better. If you don't, sell the gear then.
The "getting burned" reference was for a previous episode in which someone promised something as gratitude for helping save his life over the course of four month (even though no reward was ever expected), and that person later went back on his word, especially when we started getting down to brass tacks.

Because of this previous experience, I am understandably skeptical of a person's (implied) offer to donate a camera. However, given that he's gone in for valve surgery (he's 80, after all), and is now likely recuperating therefrom, I'll have to be patient.

However, I'll keep everyone apprised.

Dieter Zakas