This weekend I went to a Park/Art Gallery and took 3 rolls of Velvia 50 with me..
Results came out fine but for the first time I was a little disapointed with the latitude on Velvia 50. They were almost all bright scenes (as expected to go well with velvia) but for some reason I was bothered by how quickly detail broke down in the shadows and highlights. A small (maybe 1/3-1/2 stop) underexposure sends shadows into the blackest depths! And detail on clouds were completely lost when the blue sky was correctly exposed. I'm going to do a more critical comparison with previousely shot Velvia 50 that were processed in the same lab to see if they mucked something or if my taste is simply changing a bit..

But my question is none the less worth being made.. Following my B&W rationale of shooting film at a lower rate in order to lower contrast (ex. Tri-X 400 shot @200). Would this hold true for positive as well (Ex. Velvia 50 shot @25)??