Thanks for the quick reply Poisson Du Jour!
Just to be clear.. I wasn't taking pictures of the Art persay.. I was hanging around with friends enjoying the day!

The narrow latitude of velvia was never a problem until today! I like the color pallete of Velvia 50 and I was also aware that color would be one of the coolest factors of the scenery so that's precisely why I choose it to take with me. I had used it before in very similar conditions (same amount and kind of sunlight, in a town close by) and achieved some very happy results. I just wish it gave me a single extra stop of latitude (half above and half below), or at least a smoother/rounder shoulder/knee when transitioning to it's up/lower limits. Is that at all achievable by playing with the exposure/developement without completely destroying the films qualities?
I've tried E100VS which was quite nice and rich however it always swayed too much toward red for my taste. I quite enjoy the coolness of Velvia 50. Provia 100 has also been a choice of mine but it never quite gave me the color punch I was looking forward to in this trip.