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Pre-flash it. I think you can first shoot something called a "whi-bal" or put a semitransparent white object (tupperware lid!) over the lens, where it is out of focus and provides a good even light. You then expose the slide ~4 stops faster than your metered exposure. And voila, lower contrast slide film.

Slide shooters also tend to use GNDs and such just to rein in the contrast of a scene.

I would recommend using astia...
White balance body cap, widely available in digimon stores for virtually any camera body be it digital or film (that is, what fits digi, also fits film bodies!).
Reducing Velvia's contrast though reduces the effect that Velvia sets out in the first place, using contrast and palette to deliver punch, in lighting matched to the design parameters of the film. The heavy contrast and touchy latitude can be too much for some people, but like everything, you get better with it with lots of experience! Provia 100 is a good, lower contrast alternative but a pastier palette. Experimentally, GNDs with multi-patter/evaluative metering systems can confuse the reading. Run tests specific to your camera before committing a GND to an important shoo.