Claire, I think that an interesting wrinkle with these lenses is the minimum focus distance on the wide angles. I don't know if they will be the best lenses on the market, but they will be the only RF lenses to focus at a distance of 0.5 meters & the ZI is the only body that is rangefinder coupled to accomplish this. It was one thing to do this with the autofocus & telescoping viewfinder on the Contax G/2 (which they did), but it is something else to do it on a manual focus body with a traditional viewfinder. To also be parallax corrected (at least for 28 mm frame lines) for this close a distance & with a base line this long is unique on the rangefinder market. Zeiss is charging an arm & a leg for the ausiliary finders, but of couse these are the onbly ones that will show the close view at 19 inches.