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A few years ago, I was sent a photography publication from a University that will remain nameless. It had a glossy cover and I think it had about 86 pages of text and contained about three images. Am I missing something here?
I feel your pain, Luckily you didn't sign up.

3 out of 86 pages for a visual medium is pretty ...well, non visual.

But you also have to remember that there are two types of photographers (probably more) , the artsy types that are visual, and the engineer types that are far less so.

The old right brain vs left brain. The first is very visual, hates number and formulas and is drawn to the visual aspects of photography almost exclusively.

Then there is the engineer types who love the theory, formulas, loves tinkering with gadgets, and is less likely to pursue people photography.

Obviously there are crossovers.

That's the reason we have great product, architectural and scenic photographers and on the other hand we have great portrait, photojournalists and people photographers.

Again, obviously there are crossovers.

But a people photographer would be miserable setting up a food shot for two days and a architectural photographer may hate to do weddings.

C'est la vie.