No offence taken, I totally understand the frustration of purchasing gear and it crapping out on one.
When I bought my first hope from kodak , I immediately found a service tech handy with the hope, in fact he took factory training, when I bought the ilford machine , I did not take on Ilfords service contract with the as I knew they would be as usless as tits on a bull.
What I did buy into was the Colenta name and I sent my service tech guy to Germany for factory training with Colenta and as well with Jobo, as we purchased two jobo machines. When he was in Germany he slipped into Switzerland to visit Ilford and was trained on quality control for ciba. I know this may sound excessive but since I have 5 thumbs it was basically my achilles heel in running a shop and without a good tech guy I would be sunk.
Peter can fix any machine, and as well that Dunning fellow you mentioned seems to have parts for the Kodak(hope processor) so I can keep that puppy running as well.
The secret I think is having a tech guy on hand who will fix your gear to factory specs and can speak their lingo.
We have purchased an Italian Lambda and with it the service contract is 32K a year. The bonus is very little downtime and a well maintained machine.
Colex - I think is the sister company or was of Colenta and I have only heard good things about them.
I think you are wasting your time with Ilford as they only sold these products to promote the material through them.
Best finding a good technican in your area and making sure they get a good rapport with the manufacturer of the machinery you have.