Regarding the use of Zeiss equipment for assembly of the ZI: This would stop Cosina from re-badging the camera directly as a Bessa, but wouldn't stop them from developing their own, similar equipment. The contract between Zeiss and Cosina will determine whether or not that's possible, and I suspect (from past behavior) that Cosina will do everything in their power to take the "best" of the ZI camera for a new generation of Bessa bodies.

Bill - I really don't intend to stop you from buying the camera...the truth is that it will likely be a wonderful piece of equipment. I think it's overpriced...but that's just me. If the extra price was buying something that I thought was of value (i.e., build quality that rivals Leica) then I'd have no problem with it...but I think a lot of the price is due to non-value-added processes in the supply chain (like Hasselblad's involvement).

I should tell you that I have a G with the 28, 45, and 90 lenses...although I don't need the autofocus or auto film handling, it was the cheapest way to get into some of the best glass in the world without getting into another SLR system. The images from the G are...well...amazing. I wish it had a better manual focus option, but I understand why it doesn't and I've been willing to live with that limitation. Since 99% of my work is in B&W I don't see the color difference between the Zeiss glass and the Leica glass, and that seems to be the only real-world difference in quality between the images. (If there is any difference in performance between these lenses in B&W, I challenge anyone to prove it in a double-blind test. You may find a very small advantage in one lens over the other at a certain aperture, but real-world images simply don't show the difference. Test charts might, but I don't spend much time shooting those.)

The G cameras are pretty incredible, and capable of work as good as anything out there in 35mm once you've learned to use them properly. (Like all equipment, it's best to learn how it's meant to work, not to try to make it work the way that you do.) Their ability to focus down to 0.5m (except for the 90mm, which focuses to 1m) is a nice touch, as is the auto-parallax adjustment on the viewfinder.

But the G cameras are different from everything else out there. Manual focus is through a distance scale, with no in-finder indication of focus other than numeric feedback. This is very different than the standard manual-focus rangefinders, and you have to get used to it. But you can, if you want to.

Be well.