I've been having a very annoying time with my computer (and computer techs) lately. Trying to introduce an Apple toy into the mix and it is NOT going well. After many hours over many days on the phone with techs I had a frozen computer, and an apple device not living up to the hype. Paid the bucks to have a tech come to the house. The computer is now unfrozen. I'm terrified to try to sync anything onto the device for fear of making another mess. And to top it all off, while my computer is now working the tech somehow managed to lose ALL my contacts and re-install an address book that is 7 years out of date. We're talking business and personal, probably 400-500 contacts. AND he managed to erase the contacts (maybe 50 or so) I'd put into the new itoy, and fill it with 350 contacts from the 7 year old list. Apparently, I have the choice of deleting them one by one, or buying an app that will let me do it quicker.

You can imagine I was in an extremely snarly mood when Mr. Unhelpful left today. Enter PHOTOTHERAPY! I shot a roll of medium format for the MSA, developed that roll, some 8x10 film that's been waiting for attention and made a couple of prints. I had other plans for my day off, but was in much to foul a mood to be around any human beings. I'm better now, though still choked. Phototherapy stopped me from smashing the computer, or committing any other murderous acts.

Thank heavens I'm not a digital photographer!!!